About Finanzeal

While millions of small business owners and startup entrepreneurs are masters at creating great products and services, building awesome teams and getting investments; many of them lack the means or time, to manage their companies’ finances and paperwork.


Finanzeal was created with the purpose of assisting up-and-coming companies run their business more efficiently by removing the burden of maintaining an in-house accounting department.


Finanzeal is geared mainly towards small businesses and non-for-profit organizations that need bookkeeping, accounting and financial services.

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Finanzeal is made up of a network of extremely knowledgeable and talented staff that has extensive experience with start-ups and non-for-profit accounting. Our team of professionals can be as involved as needed; ranging from setting up a customized accounting system, to tracking and supervising overall finances and regulatory compliance.

Before founding Finanzeal, Kathy worked for over five and a half years as Director of Finance and Operations for a well known non-profit organization. During her tenure as a Director of Finance and Operations, Kathy developed a passion for working with start-up companies which motivated her to create Finanzeal. “I love the scrappiness and the fast- paced environment under which start-up companies constantly operate”. Kathy has always loved finance and accounting. In her opinion, accounting is not about just “crunching the numbers” but also about helping companies achieve their goals.


As a small business owner herself, Kathy understands the struggles of running a successful business. In addition to embracing challenges Kathy has shown the ability to adapt to many environments, wear many hats and interact with a diverse group of individuals.


Kathy has over 15+ years of experience working with a wide range of companies within both the private sector to include real estate management and construction companies, and the non-profit sector.

Jackie is a Certified Public accountant who studied Economics and Finance at the New York University and graduated in May 2002.  Growing up in Brooklyn New York, Jackie always showed a great interest for Math and Science and a talent for problem solving, so she became an accountant.  Her love for exciting and daring experiences took her on a backpacking journey through Thailand and back to New York City, where she took on a new venture with Finanzeal.

When Jackie became a partner at Finanzeal, she brought 13 years of experience in the accounting field, including 9 years spent as an accountant, with responsibilities spanning audit, tax, financial reporting and business management.

Besides her role at Finanzeal, Jackie also currently holds a Senior Accountant position with Jack Resnick and Sons, a multi-million dollar real estate management firm in New York City for over 15 years. Over the course of 15 years, Jackie sat in many seats and took on many different responsibilities, which allowed her to witness all the tools to run a successful business from all angles. Her knack for problem solving and keen attention to detail is what enable her to service clients with the upmost talent.


As a business owner herself, she understands the challenges of owning and operating a business but also appreciates the great opportunities she encounters in doing what she loves. In her opinion, helping others solve their accounting needs is sort of a long-lasting mission: “The beauty of what we do at Finanzeal is that our work is timeless, for as long as there is businesses, accounting will never go out of style”